About Us

Since its establishment in 1957, Aykut Food & Trade Limited Company has continued to keep up with developing and changing technologies in production in all areas of its activity and strives to become the leader in its field.

Following this change in management, a state-of-the-art packaging tape manufacturing facility was established in 2019. With this initiative, the BonaBant brand, which is a domestic product, is made available to local and international markets.

In addition to these initiatives, it is planned to bring into service the olive oil and sunflower seed oil bottling facilities, which has a capacity of 750 tons capacity per month.

The main goal of these investments is to ensure continued customer satisfaction and production to world standards through local production with local capital for quality services and products that are ready for export.

The company policy of Aykut Food is based on the philosophy of sustainable life for all its manufacturing activities. By reducing carbon footprints in nature, Aykut Food aims to sustain a habitable world for future generations.

  • Bona Bant
  • Serraolive
  • Serrasolive
  • Sunflower Seed Oil